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To order printed posters, contact QuikPrint or your local printer.  Be sure to include these downloaded files and the quantity you want to order.
  • Printing Instructions: 11X17 posters in 100# gloss
Those ordering will be responsible for costs involved in printing and shipping.

Auntie Says: It’s OK to Ask for Help

New Posters Mental Health

Being a Human Is Hard

Poster: Bottling it Up Never Helps it Go Down

Bottling It Up

Call or Text Brown Poster

Call or Text Gradient Poster

Call or Text Graffiti Poster

Call or Text Green Poster

College Movies Forgot

Conversation Starters Poster

Depression & Drugs

Eres Mas Amado Que Tus Likes

Feel as Good as You Look

Heal for Those Who Couldn’t

Healthcare Doesn’t Make You Superhuman

How to Use 988 Poster

It Doesn’t Have to be the End to Start

It’s Not Wellness if You’re Not Well

La Linea De Ayuda As Para 1 De Cada 5 De Nosotros

New Posters Mental Health

Life Can Be a Lot

New Posters Mental Health

Life’s Too Heavy to Carry Alone

Lo Unico Vergonzoso Es El Estigma Mismo

Mental Health Checkpoint Poster

Mental Health is Physical Health

No Greater High Than Getting Help

No Struggle is Too Small

Not Everyone is Suicidal. But Everyone has Struggles.

Our Traditions

Poster: Check on your Buds

Poster: Know the Signs of Needing Help

Poster: Look on the Sunnier Side

Say a Word, Save a Life Poster

New Posters Mental Health

Someone is Still Here Because You Are

New Posters Mental Health

Speaking Out is Self Care

Stay Alive. Stay Chickasaw.

Stay Alive. Stay Kiowa.

Stay Alive. Stay Native.

Stay Alive. Stay Potawatomi

Substance Issues are Mental Health Issues

Poster: Surviving High School is hard.

Surviving High School

New Posters Mental Health

Take Pride in Your Mind

Take Pride in Your Mind

Talk is Good Medicine

Poster: The Helpline for 1 in 5 of Us

The Helpline for 1 in 5 of Us

New Posters Mental Health

The Lifeline That Listens

Poster: The Only Thing Shameful is Stigma Itself

The Only Thing Shameful is Stigma

Un-Numb the Pain

When One of Us Hurts, All of Us Hurt

Poster: When Your Brain is Your Least Favorite Coworker

When Your Brain is Your Least Favorite Coworker

New Posters Mental Health

When Your Head Needs a Hand

Your Brain Needs its Reps Too