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How does 988 work?

988 is a direct, three-digit lifeline that connects you with trained behavioral health professionals that can get all Oklahomans the help they need.

Getting help can be hard.
So we made it easier.

The mental health professionals on the other end of the line are here to help guide you.

Call the Lifeline

It all starts when you call 988. You'll be connected to a crisis specialist to talk you through what's going on and get the resources you need for either yourself or your loved one. About 90% of the time, things can get sorted out with just a phone call. But if you need more help, we got you.

Connect with a Mobile Crisis Team

If you or your loved one need more help after your initial phone call, the 988 call center can send a mobile crisis team to assess things and intervene if necessary. About 7 in 10 crises can be resolved at this touchpoint.

Alternative Transportation

Some people need more in-depth care. If this is the case, the mobile crisis team or behavioral health provider can help arrange alternative transportation to help Oklahomans in need safely arrive at an Urgent Recovery Clinic or Community-Based Structured Crisis Center.

Check In at an Urgent Recovery Clinic or Community-Based Structured Crisis Center

For those of us that need higher touch help, Urgent Recovery Clinics and Community-Based Structured Crisis Centers have your back. These centers are staffed 24/7/365 with behavioral health professionals, medical professionals, and peers recovery support specialists. Every center accepts walk-ins and those brought by first responders.

Connection to Mental Health Care

At any point in your journey, the 988 call center can transfer you to a mental health provider to schedule an appointment. Many times, you can be seen the same or next day. You might see a provider to begin therapy, start a medication, or in a small number of cases, receive inpatient treatment.

988 has this relationship with every Community Mental Health, Community Behavioral Health, and Comprehensive Community Addiction Recovery Center in the state of Oklahoma.

Follow Ups

To prevent re-escalation of crisis and ensure proper connection to resources, 988 crisis specialists offer follow-up services, free of charge. You can agree to a follow-up after your initial conversation, and a follow-up specialist will call you within 24-48 hours to see how you’re doing and offer any additional support.

If you want to know more about how 988 works in the state of Oklahoma, visit the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse.

What are an Urgent Recovery Clinics, crisis stabilization units, and community-based structured crisis centers?

Mental health is healthcare, and sometimes getting better takes more than a conversation. If a person calls 988 and requires additional support, Urgent Recovery Clinics, Crisis Stabilization Units, and Community-Based Structured Crisis Centers are an option.

Urgent Recovery Clinics, Crisis Stabilization Units, and the combination Community-Based Structured Crisis Centers offer accessible mental health and substance abuse care where people can stabilize and receive professional help during a crisis. Functioning much like a hospital ER, Urgent Recovery Clinics and Crisis Centers accept 24/7/365 walk-ins, as well as ambulance, fire, and police drop-offs.

Mobile Crisis Team Partners

  • Carl Albert Community Mental Health Center
  • Central OK Community Mental Health Center
  • Community Bridges, Inc
  • Family and Children’s Services
  • GRAND Mental Health
  • Green Country Behavioral Health
  • Hope Community Services
  • Jim Taliaferro Community Mental Health
  • Lighthouse Behavioral Health
  • NorthCare
  • Northwest Center for Behavioral Health
  • Red Rock Behavioral Health

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