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Which 988 Call Center Critter Are You?

There’s an inner critter in all of us! Take this quiz to find out which of 988’s Call Center Critters is joggin’ around in your noggin.

What are you eating for breakfast?

What’s your favorite self care activity?

Which Oklahoma destination are you exploring?

If a friend were struggling, how would you be there for them?

How would you describe your style?

Which famous Oklahoman do you most relate to?

What’s your favorite season?

Which Critter are You?
You’re Okla!

Everyone feels like a million bucks when they’re around you. Just like Okla, your friends describe you as fun, optimistic, and always there to cheer someone on. When hard times come, you tackle them like a champ because you know the right mindset can overcome anything. Your charming personality and sunny outlook would make our favorite blue fuzzball proud.
You’re Sugar Pa!

Just like Sugar Pa, you know anything is possible with hard work and a little tough love. You may be gruff on the outside, but you’re secretly a teddy bear deep down. Asking for help isn’t always in your comfort zone, but you’ve never been afraid to give new skills a shot. Some might call you prickly or particular, but you can’t blame a critter for knowing what works for them!
You’re Lucille!

You’re hard to fit into a box, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Just like Lucille, you're a little sweetie who doesn’t say much but is always happy to lend an ear. Your friends call you dependable, a great listener…and maybe even a bit strange. Deep breaths and quiet time always ease your mind, and your ability to float with the punches makes Lucille’s heart swell.
You’re Corty!

Well aren’t you a ray of sunshine! Just like Corty, you find joy in everything, even though you have a tendency to get a little in your head. Life hasn’t been easy on you, but you’ve never let it wilt your bloom. Creativity is your favorite self care method, and a little glitter always makes you grin. Though you sometimes need some reassurance, you always look on the sunnier side.
You’re Puddlebucket!

Taking it easy is your mantra, my man. Like Puddlebucket, you keep your cool when the waves of life get feisty. You’re a deep thinker who’s not afraid to get a little emotional, and when your friends come to you with a struggle, you always seem to know what to say. Time for self care? Some fresh air is your chill-out of choice. The world needs more of your laid back, low key vibe.

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