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5 Oklahomans on Black Mental Health

February is Black History Month, a time to celebrate the contributions of Black and African Americans who have shaped the world we know, in the past and the present.  According to Mental Health America, 13.4% of the American population identifies as Black or African American, and over 16% — or over 7 million people — […]

This product is fake. But how you’re feeling isn’t.

988 Oklahoma is all in on getting real about how you feel. If you’re struggling with your mental health or thinking of suicide, the 988 Mental Health Lifeline offers help in real time.  Call or text 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to talk with a trained crisis counselor who is ready to […]

988 Oklahoma Teams Up with Comedian Paul Scheer

Commercials. Movies. Social media. Billboards. Every single day, we’re sold that people are living their best lives all the time. It can feel like everyone is perfect and happy — except for you. So we put on a happy face. We pretend to be tough, even when we don’t feel like it. We bottle things […]

Self Care Ideas for When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

When you’re feeling depressed or anxious, the term “self care routine” can send shivers down your spine. Find a new hobby? Become a master meditator? Chop cucumbers to put on your eyes in a bubble bath? It can all feel overwhelming when you’re struggling to motivate yourself to get out of bed in the first […]

8 Signs You’re Faking That You’re Fine

As Oklahomans, we’re used to warm smiles greeting us everywhere we go. But sometimes, those smiles are more of a mask than a polite greeting. Stigma, fear, shame, and a variety of other pressures can make it hard to admit when our mental health isn’t at its best.  Hiding sad or hopeless thoughts inside unfortunately […]

How the Super Bowl Impacts Your Mental Health

As the Super Bowl approaches, Oklahomans are firing up the crockpots for parties and tailgates. The game, the commercials, the halftime show — it’s the best night of the year for many football fans. With all of the emotions and stress the game brings, your mental health isn’t immune to getting in on the action […]

Are You Okay?: How to Ask on Super Bowl Sunday

As we gear up for Super Bowl LVII, football, chicken wings, and commercials are on the minds of most Oklahomans. But for those of us struggling with our mental health, we’re entering the biggest game of the year with a much bigger weight on our shoulders. Whether it’s a bad bout of the winter blues […]

How to Talk About Mental Health with Your Kids

From social media to high-stress classes to figuring out the future, growing up can be a heavy weight to bear. In Oklahoma, our children are at a heightened risk of mental health struggles. More than 54,000 Oklahoma kids live with depression, and 1 in 10 Oklahoma students have reported attempting or thinking about suicide in […]

Embracing Dry January: A Mental Health Boost for the New Year

Embracing Dry January: A Mental Health Boost for the New Year Hey there, fellow Oklahomans! As we dive into the new year, it’s not just about hitting the gym or eating more greens. Have you ever thought about giving “Dry January” a shot? It’s this fun trend where you kick alcohol to the curb for […]

Four Ways to Have a Mentally Healthy Holiday Season

As the holiday season lights up Oklahoma, not all of us are feeling merry and bright. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 3 in 5 Americans say the holiday season has a negative impact on their mental health and 64% of people living with a mental illness say their condition worsens this time […]