988 Mental Health Lifeline Logo

Call to artists

Art brings people together, starts conversations, engages, and unites communities.

As an artist, you’re a bit like a megaphone. You have the power to change minds and get people to pay attention.

As part of the roll out of the new mental health lifeline, we are looking for artist interpretations of the number “988” through the lens of shifting from stigma that surrounds mental health. This artwork will be shared on social platforms to promote the new number to Oklahomans across the state.

The job? Make 988 stick in people’s minds through a work of art in your style and form.

Think outside the box! The piece should fit your personal style and best express your interpretation of “The Shift.” Focus on being memorable — something unignorable that people want to drop everything and share to their IG Story or Facebook Feed. 

Pitch Your Project

We have the budget to fund multiple projects. 

  • Prominently feature 988
  • Expression of the importance of Mental Health in your life
  • Encourage conversations around Mental Health

Our north star will always be starting conversations about mental health and encouraging Oklahomans to speak out when they or someone they love need help.

Pitch us your idea with examples of your work, timeline and budget-we will fund as many as we can! 

If you have any questions, email 988okla@gmail.com

Not interested in a big project but still want to participate? 

Create something for us to showcase on social, and we’ll give you a $50 visa gift card. (Up to 20 artists)

Social friendly posts, video or static. Provide a quote, either as part of the post or in your submission information, about how you use art to care for your mental health.

Questions? Just Email Us at