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31 Family Activities For Positive Mental Health

Family is our first support system as Oklahomans, and strong bonds with our loved ones have many benefits for our mental health. From parents and siblings to spouses and chosen family, knowing someone has your back greatly impacts wellbeing and can make coping with depression or anxiety easier. 

To help strengthen those oh-so-important relationships, here are the 988 Mental Health Lifeline’s top activities to encourage positive mental health for the whole family. 

  1. Take a family hike or walk in nature
  2. Cook a healthy meal together
  3. Play a board game or card game
  4. Have a family game night 
  5. Have a family movie night 
  6. Create a family scrapbook or photo album
  7. Practice mindfulness or meditation together
  8. Try a family yoga or exercise class
  9. Have a family dance party
  10. Take a family bike ride
  11. Have a family picnic in the park
  12. Plant a family garden
  13. Have a family art or craft day
  14. Try a new hobby together, such as painting or knitting
  15. Have a family book club and read and discuss books together
  16. Volunteer together at a local charity or organization
  17. Take a family day trip to a nearby town or city
  18. Have a family beach day
  19. Go on a family camping trip
  20. Have a family sports day and play sports together
  21. Have a family karaoke night
  22. Go stargazing as a family
  23. Have a family talent show
  24. Go on a family scavenger hunt
  25. Try a new recipe together
  26. Have a family DIY project day
  27. Do a family puzzle or brain teaser
  28. Have a family science experiment day
  29. Try a family video game tournament
  30. Have a family storytelling night
  31. Take a family painting or pottery class together.

About 988 Mental Health Lifeline

988 is a direct three-digit mental health lifeline, connecting Oklahomans with trained behavioral health professionals that can get us the help we need. If you’re experiencing a mental health crisis, struggling with suicidal thoughts, or need to talk through depression, anxiety, and more, give us a call or text “988” any time.

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